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Queers in the Kingdom exposes evangelical Christian culture in the US as the underlying force that legalizes Bible-based homophobia. Nowhere is this more evident than in the 200+ well-established Christian Colleges where LGBT students must remain closeted and celibate or risk being expelled and condemned as sinners.

LGBT survivors of Wheaton College, IL reunite on campus as a protest to the discrimination they faced as students and now as alumni. There are (and always have been) Queers in the Kingdom and they are letting their lights shine!

Markie Hancock, Writer and Director
Writer & Director: Markie Hancock
As a follow-up to her feature autobiographical documentary “Born Again,” Hancock wanted QITK to make visible the injustices of institutionalized religion upon those who can’t conform to its creeds. She has been making documentaries for 20 years ranging from issues of race and education to LGBT rights and advocacy for animal rights.
Mark Ledzian, Director of Photography
Director of Photography: Mark Ledzian
The production company, N9 was formed 29 years ago by Mark Ledzian and Katie Daley and has produced a wide array of commercial, nonprofit and independent multimedia. Their clients include ColeHaan, West Elm, Estee Lauder and PBS. Mark and Markie have worked on projects together for 18 years and hope for another 18.
Mick Rossi, Music Score
Music Score: Mick Rossi
Mick Rossi is a Grammy-nominated American pianist, drummer, percussionist, conductor and composer who tours the world with Philip Glass and Paul Simon. He is known for his diverse, progressive work traversing the worlds of jazz and classical music.
Executive Producers:
Bill Dickey, Kathryn Gregorio, Stephen Henderson
Randall Balmer • Dartmouth University
Anthea Butler • The University of Pennsylvania
Darren Dochuk • Washington University
Kathryn Lofton • Yale University
Wheaton College Alumni
Henry Chen • Class of 2006
Carol Doty • Class of 1954
Jessica Friesen • Class of 2008
David Funck • Class of 1988
Scott Nelson • Class of 1986
Paul Phillips • Class of 1976
Deborah Jacoby-Twigg • Class of 1979
José Villanova • Class of 1989
At long last a film that responsibly calls evangelical Christian institutions to account for their misguided and damaging practices of homophobia. Carefully documented and movingly presented, Queers in the Kingdom should be required viewing for anyone interested in religion and its wider effects on society.
- Bart D. Ehrman

James A. Gray Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill