Hancock Productions has produced a range of short films all with a focus on the arts.

Artists & Their Mothers: a 5-film short series

Each artist conjures their mother through their art which ranges from writing (Janice), photography (Mark), painting (Rosario), performance (Valerie), filmmaking (Markie).

Music scores for Janice, Mark, Valerie, and Markie are composed and performed by Sean O’Neil.

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Talkin’ Trash

The “poem video” Talkin’ Trash is a hypnotic meditation on ambivalence and longing. Set to lush visuals and a moody soundtrack, prose poet Elena Georgiou reads her ode, inviting the viewer into transcendence beyond sexual and gender identity. Kim Behrens “performs” the poem unrehearsed and uninhibited. Talkin’ Trash screened at major Gay and Lesbian film festivals worldwide.

Talkin’ Trash
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15/8 Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill is a landmark jazz composer and pianist from the legendary Blue Note recording era of the 1960’s. Discovered in the late 1930’s by Earl “Fatha” Hines, Hill became known for a brilliant series of albums produced from 1963 to 1966. Blue Note founder Alfred Lion referred to Hill as “my last great protégé.” 15/8 explores one composition, one rehearsal, and one performance of Andrew Hill’s complex and alluring piece entitled 15/8.

Featuring Andrew Hill, Marty Ehrlich, Ron Horton, Billy Drummond, Scott Colley and Jay Collins.

15/8 Andrew Hill
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Deltoids, Dancing & Drawing

Deltoids, Dancing & Drawing features American Bessie award-winning dancer Arthur Aviles as he models for an anatomy body painting session for Minerva Durham at her drawing space, Spring Studio, in New York City. The short is an intricate weaving of visual art forms as they connect to the body as it connects to movement and dancing. An echoing of the interrelatedness of art, the body, our humanity.